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The Kh-31A high-speed airborne antiship missile with  an active radar homing head (ARHH) is designed to destroy ships of different types including the destroyers, proceeding both alone and as a part of striking groups under any weather conditions, by day and night.
The Kh-31A missile can be used individually or in salvo.
ARHH ensures target acquisition and selection (at trajectory or before missile launch).


Launch range, km



Maximum trajectory speed, m/s



All-up weight, kg



Warhead weight, kg



Missile length, m



Missile diameter, m









Air-launched tactical high-speed anti-ship missile Kh-31AD is intended for engaging combat (assault landing) ships and transport vessels, navigating either individually or as part of naval strength groups (convoys).


Maximum range of fire, km - 120…160
Launch altitudes, m - 100…15 000
Launch speeds, M - 0.65…1.5
Warhead type - multipurpose
Average number of hits to destroy:
a boat  type target - 1.0
a destroyer type target - 2.0
Warhead weight, kg - 110
Missile launch weight (not exceeding), kg - 715
Length x diameter x wing span, m - 5.34
х 0.36 х 0.954






The Kh-35E (3M-24E) tactical antiship missile is designed to destroy guided missiles, motor torpedo and gun boats, surface ships with displacement up to 5000 t, as well as marine transports. The Kh-35E tactical antiship missile may be launched from:
- shipborne missile systems of the Unar-E type;
- coastal mobile systems of the Bal-E type;
- air force combat complexes of tactical and naval aviation, search and patrol aircraft and helicopters.
The Kh-35E antiship missile can be used under visual and adverse weather conditions, by day and night, in enemy’s severe fire and RCM environment.
The missile low signature is provided by its small size, critically low altitude flight trajectory, as well as special guidance algorithm. Targeting data can be supplied both from the carrier equipment and from the external sources.


Launch range, km

up to 130


Flight altitude at cruise/final phase, m

10-15 / 4


Flight speed corresponds to



All-up weight in ship-based (shore-based) version, kg

All-up weight in aircraft version, kg





kinetic energy blast fragmentation


Warhead weight, kg



Missile length in shipborne/aircraft version, m

4,4 / 3,85


Missile diameter, m









Tactical anti-ship missile Kh-35UE is intended for engaging combat (assault landing) ships and transport vessels, navigating either individually or as part of naval strength groups (convoys).


Range of fire, km - 7…260
Launch conditions
from aircraft:
launch altitudes, m - 200…10 000
launch speeds, M - 0.35…0.9

from helicopter:
launch altitudes, m - 100…3 500
launch speeds, M - 0…0.25

Flight speed, M - 0.8
Warhead weight, kg - 145
Warhead type - HE fragmentation, penetration
Missile launch weight, kg:
airborne version - 550
heliborne version - 650
Length x diameter x wing span, m:
airborne version - 3.85
х 0.42 х 1.33
heliborne version - 4.4
х 0.42 х 1.33






The X-59MK airborne enhanced-range air-to-surface guided missile with the ARGS-59E active radar homing head is derived from the X-59ME missile with the TV/command guidance system. It is designed for engagement of a wide range of radar-contrast sea surface targets in both fair and adverse weather conditions at Sea States up to 6.
The missile makes part of weapon systems of the Su-30 type aircraft.


 Max launch range, km:



     against destroyer/cruiser-type targets



     against boat-type targets      



 Min launch range, km        

5 - 25


 Missile launch envelope:



     carrier speed at launch, km/h (Mach number) 

600 - 1,000 (0.5 - 0.9)


     carrier altitude, km    

0.2 - 11


 Missile flight speed, km/h

900 - 1,050


 Missile flight altitude , m:



     en route (over sea surface) 

10 - 15


     at terminal leg        

 4 - 7


 Missile launch weight, kg 

not exceeding 930


 Warhead type



 Warhead weight, kg        



 Missile dimensions, m:






     wing span 



     diameter, main body (without engine) / nose section













The APR-3E airborne antisubmarine missile is designed to engage modern and prospective submarines in any position (on sea surface, under periscope or submerged down to 800 m) at a cruising speed of up to 80 km/h.
The APR-3E missile is unified for combat use from the Tu-142/Il-38 type antisubmarine warfare aircraft and Ka-28 type helicopters, etc. It can be effectively employed over splash-down water areas at least 100-m deep at Sea States up to 6 in all regions of the world ocean.
The APR-3E missile is equipped with a hydroacoustic guidance system using target data classification methods. The missile performs silent target search by scanning underwater space during gravity submersion along a spiral trajectory without starting the engine. The turbo-hydrojet engine is started as soon as the target has been detected and ensures meeting the target within a minimal time (1 - 2 min) making it virtually impossible for the target to evade or counteract.





 Missile speed, km/h  



 Engine endurance, sec 



 Target detection radius (by the homing system), m 

1,500 - 2,000


 Warhead weight (in TNT equivalent), kg   



 Caliber, mm        









     empennage span      



 Missile weight, kg       

525 ±25


 Propulsion plant type  

composite solid-propellant turbo-waterjet




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